Low Fat Fryer 3.2L
Low Fat Fryer 3.2L
SKU: SVFR2430/2

Product info

brushed stainless-steel, black

Power: approx. 1500 W

  • innovative hot-air technology for varied results for health-conscious deep-frying, cooking, pan-frying and baking WITHOUT addition of oil
  • ceramic coated inserts: extremely scratch-resistant, best anti-stick effect, especially heat-resistant, easiest cleaning
  • energy-saving, quick & odourless rapid heating-up and preparation time due to innovative hot-air technology
  • 6 automatic programmes guarantee perfect results at the push of a button for chips, meat, chicken thighs, shrimps, vegetables and baking
  • makes approx. 1kg chips
  • big 3.2 litre basket insert – the perfect treat for the whole family
  • intuitive LCD touch display for fast and simple operation
  • adjustable thermostat from 80 to 200°C
  • additional separate temperature and time setting
  • 60-minute timer with acoustic signal
  • low odour development

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