Flex™ Stainless-Steel Wall Toilet Brush
Flex™ Stainless-Steel Wall Toilet Brush
Joseph Joseph
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Product info

Wall-mounted toilet brush

The revolutionary Flex™ toilet brush is now available wall-mounted for maximum space-saving in your bathroom.

Features & Benefits

Flex™ is a revolutionary toilet brush that features a flexible, D-shaped head and widely spaced bristles that allow liquid to drain quickly, preventing water from dripping on the floor and dirt from clogging. As well as being more hygienic, the specially designed bristles are also more durable than those on conventional toilet brushes. This version of Flex™ comes with a smart wall-mounted holder, which saves valuable floor space and makes cleaning easier. Installation instructions, screws and fixings included.

How to Install

1. Clean mounting surface and dry completely.

2. Lightly mark position of screw holes in bracket with a pencil. Important: Ensure enough clearance for the holder from the floor.

3. Drill holes (6 mm diameter).

4. Fix bracket into place using screws and fixings provided.

5. Attach holder.

Care and Use

Brush and holder - clean with bleach or hot soapy water. If using bleach, rinse thoroughly and avoid prolonged contact with stainless-steel parts. Do not submerge holder in water.

Dimensions: H43.5 x W10 x D8 cm

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