Global G-2 Cook's Knife 20cm
Global G-2 Cook's Knife 20cm
Global Knives
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If you could only get one knife for your kitchen, then invest in this quality cook's knife! It can do anything that you need with its multi-purpose, 20cm blade.

About the Global G-2 Cook's Knife
The G-2 cook's knife (also called a chef's knife) is the workhorse of the kitchen. Perfect for mincing, cutting, chopping, slicing and prep work. The G-2 is the best-selling Japanese kitchen knife ever made and is our top selling knife. The G-2 is a fantastic all rounder blade that has won dozens of awards around the world over the years for its design, quality and functionality. An iconic design, with the classic dotted handle, this knife is instantly recognisable and is synonymous with quality and an excellent user experience. The G-2 is also available in alternative sizes for smaller and larger hands.

About Global G Series Knives
The G Series of Global knives is a classic collection of large longer bladed knives with weighted hollow handles, used for general food preparation. All knives are made in two parts with the blade and the handle being welded together.

Functional Design
Still crafted by hand in Yoshikin’s factory in Niigata, Japan, GLOBAL knives are manufactured to extremely high and exacting standards.

For Home and Professional Chefs
Global knives are lightweight, yet razor sharp that help reduce hand fatigue. Global knives retain their edge longer than any other major brand on the market.

What is CROMOVA 18 Stainless Steel?
CROMOVA 18 is a steel, with a special mixture of molybdenum, vanadium and chromium. Hard enough so that the knives retain their sharpness, yet soft enough to sharpen with a whetstone. The high chromium content gives the knives excellent resistance to rust and staining.

About Global Knives Razor-sharp Edge
The most important feature of any knife is its edge, and the GLOBAL edge is truly its signature. The majority of the GLOBAL knives are sharpened or ground on both sides of the blade, just like Western style knives. However, their edges are ground steeply to a point and to an acute angle (15 Degrees). This is in contrast to Western or European style knives that use a beveled edge. The straight edge results in a dramatically sharper knife which stays sharper longer. The edge on a GLOBAL knife is so large and prominent that it is easily seen with the naked eye, extending up from the tip of the knife.

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