Global G-9 Bread Knife 22cm
Global G-9 Bread Knife 22cm
Global Knives
SKU: MG-9/1

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Zip through any type of bread with this amazing bread knife. The Global G-9 Bread Knife won the "Which? Best Buy Award" in 2022. The G-9 Bread Knife is Global's classically shaped bread knife. This is a specialist bread knife, ideal for use with bread, rolls or similar food items. The "teeth" are designed to saw through the crust of bread with ease. Due to the serrations, this knife can also be used to slice through some tough meats such as crackling on a roast.
The design of the blade is such that the the teeth are hollowed on one side and straight on the other, this helps with ensuring an even thickness when cutting slices. Whilst the G-9 can be used by left handed people, it is better suited to right handed use due to the one-sided tooth blade design.

There is a smaller option available, the GS-61 which is better suited to small loaves, french bread/baguette, rolls and bagels.
Note: Please do not try and sharpen your Global G-9 Bread Knife, there is usually no need and it is not recommended.

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