BarWise™ Compact Lever Corkscrew
BarWise™ Compact Lever Corkscrew
Joseph Joseph
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Unique folding design

This compact lever corkscrew packs all the power of a full-sized lever corkscrew in a clever folding design. Featuring a non-stick screw thread which easily glides onto any cork, a simple easy-to-use lever action and after use it can be neatly folded away for easy storage.

All the power in less space

Conventional lever corkscrews are notoriously large and cumbersome to use and store. This BarWise™ compact lever corkscrew, packs all the power of a full-sized lever corkscrew in a clever, folding design.

It’s easy to use, removing corks with a simple lever action, and features twin integrated foil cutters and a non-stick screw thread, which glides smoothly into any cork.

After use, the lever can be neatly folded away to allow for easy, compact storage.

Spare corkscrew included. 

Box contents: 1 x compact lever corkscrew, 1 x spare screw thread, 1 x instuction booklet

Dimensions: H12.7 x W5.7 x D7 cm

Caution: Sharp point – keep fingers away from tip during use and cleaning. Keep out of reach of children.

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