Global 4-Piece Knife Set with 30cm Magnetic Rack
Global 4-Piece Knife Set with 30cm Magnetic Rack
Global Knives
SKU: MG-251138/M30/6

Product info

This knife set comes with a Global branded magnetic rack with the classic dotted design and a selection of 4 Global Knives. The magnetic rack attaches to your wall and the knives included fit on the rack comfortably. A fantastic eye-catching and practical way to display your knives, keeping them within easy reach.

The set includes;
- G-2 20cm Chef’s Knife
- GS-5 14cm Vegetable Knife
- GS-11 15cm Flexible Utility Knife
- GS-38 9cm Paring Knife
- G-42/30 (30cm length) Magnetic Wall Rack

About the knives in this set:
The G-2 Chef’s Knife is one of our most popular products and is a fantastic all-rounder knife, suitable for preparing vegetables and meat.
The GS-5 can be more comfortable for smaller hands and features a traditional Japanese shaped blade.
The GS-11 is a kitchen must have as features a flexible blade which is perfect for removing fish bones.
The GS-38 is the ideal tool for preparing or peeling smaller fruit and vegetables.

In summary, good selection of knives for the most common tasks in the kitchen with a stylish magnetic rack.

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