Global 3-Piece 25th Anniversary Knife Set
Global 3-Piece 25th Anniversary Knife Set
Global Knives
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In celebration of its 25-year anniversary, Global presents this three-piece commemorative knife set, which comes in a 25th Anniversary logo box set with a Global lapel pin. The knives are in the so called Oriental style.

About Oriental Style Knives:
The attractive kink in the blade give these knives the 'oriental' styling, but this design bears no real meaning to the function of the knife. These knives are not designed specifically for oriental food, or oriental ways of using a knife, it is just a different shape of chef's knife with a beautiful upward curve to the blade which, when cutting, allows the knife to rock up and down on the chopping board, a bit like a mezzaluna or hachoir.

What are these knives best for?
Use the knives for everything from slicing and dicing to peeling tough skins off produce. The high-quality knives feature CROMOVA 18 stainless-steel construction--a blend of 18-percent chromium for stain resistance plus molybdenum and vanadium for excellent edge retention. The thin, razor-sharp blades cleanly slice through foods, preserving the integrity of food and maximizing flavor. The blades also come "face-ground" with a long taper rather than a short bevel so edges remain sharp longer than even the best high-carbon stainless-steel knives.

Set includes:
- G-4 Oriental Chef's Knife - 18cm Blade
- GS-54 Oriental Santoku Knife - 12cm Blade
- GS-58 Oriental Cook's Knife - 11cm Blade

About the knives in this set:
The G-4 is a good size chef's knife, suitable for most kitchen tasks, slicing, dicing and chopping.
The GS-58 Oriental Cook's Knife 11cm blade has a smaller blade for more precision and is suitable for most slicing, dicing and chopping kitchen tasks.
The GS-54 is a mini Santoku knife, useful for cutting up small vegetables and fruit, the knife is suitable for the three ways of the Santoku: slicing, dicing and mincing.

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