Global Boxed Knife Set - 3-Piece (G-2, GS-3, GS-7)
Global Boxed Knife Set - 3-Piece (G-2, GS-3, GS-7)
Global Knives
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A good starter set with a selection of 3 commonly used knives. If you needed just one knife for your kitchen start with a quality chefs knife like the Global G-2. The set contains a smaller cook's knife for more delicate tasks or smaller hands and a paring knife for fruit and veg. With these 3 knives, you've got most kitchen tasks covered! Makes a wonderful gift set or starter set for yourself.

Set consists of:
- G-2 Cook's Knife - 20cm Blade
- GS-3 Cook's Knife - 13cm Blade
- GS-7 Spearpoint Pairing Knife - 10cm Blade

About the knives in this set:
The G-2 is the best-selling Japanese kitchen knife ever made! It can slice, dice, chop, and really do anything that you need. A multi-purpose all round blade that is included in virtually every knife set produced. It has won dozens of awards over the years testifying to the popularity of the blade. Global (represented by the G-2) has won the "Which? Best Knife category" 3 times in a row.
The GS-3 is a medium sized cook's knife that will perform a variety of kitchen tasks. It has a nice medium sized blade good for chopping, slicing and dicing and is useful whether you want to cut up vegetables or slice meat.
The GS-7 paring knife is a good little general purpose utility knife to have around. With a hollow handle you can use this knife for cutting, slicing and prep.

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