Global 2-Piece Boxed Carving Knife & Fork Set
Global 2-Piece Boxed Carving Knife & Fork Set
Global Knives
SKU: MG-313/1

Product info

A perfect set for serving your roasted beef, chicken, pork or prime rib.

Set includes:
- G-3 Carving Knife - 21cm Blade
- G-13 Carving Fork - Curved prongs

About the knives in this set:
The G-3 is Global’s classic carving knife, long and narrow to carve those perfect Sunday roast joints. There is only one G series carving knife and it is a specialist knife that is not usually suited to other tasks. The best cuts of meat demand the best equipment. Having a super-sharp Global carving knife will ensure all your cuts of meat are thin and tender.
The G-13 is Global's first carving fork, made for Western style roasts. The sharp prongs will hold the joint in place whilst you carve, the rigid structure will allow you to control how you carve so that you have the perfect Sunday roast! The Global carving fork is made of the same materials as the regular G Series items and has the same handle, so it is comfortable and easy use.

Why buy this set?
Roast, carve and serve like a pro with this high quality carving knife and fork set.

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