Baking and Toaster Oven with Convection
Baking and Toaster Oven with Convection
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Practical baking and toaster oven for delicious meals Whether as a supplement to or as a replacement for the conventional oven and microwave – this baking and toaster oven is in no way inferior to its kitchen relatives. Thanks to the versatile functions such as convection and separately controlled top and bottom heat with or without a rotating spit, you can conjure up delicious oven dishes such as casseroles, pizzas, baked dishes and even crispy chicken on a spit, and even faster than in the large oven thanks to the short heating-up time. Thanks to the cooking chamber lighting and the simple and self-explanatory operation, you have everything in view and under control.

  • Compact, full-size oven – cooking chamber with interior lighting
  • Short heating-up time, versatile use for pizza up to 28cm, chips, roasts, cakes, etc. 120-minute timer with beep after the end of the baking time.
  • Optimal results – convection function, top and bottom heat can be turned on separately or simultaneously
  • Easy preparation of grilled chicken due to grill function with included rotisserie and rotisserie drive
  • SafeTouch: Thermally insulated casing and high-quality glass front
  • Capacity:  approx. 20 litres
  • Shelf levels:  4
  • Height-adjustable grillage:  1

WEIGHT  7.745 kg

DIMENSIONS  39 × 46 × 30 cm

POWER  1380 Watt 

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